Ginny creates fanciful visual interpretations of the everyday objects that fill our lives. She is inspired by the likes of Avery, Gorky and Thiebaud, prompting a modern, abstract approach to her painting. She approaches her subjects in an inventive and playful manner…appreciating, but being somewhat indifferent to the ideals of perfection.

Ginny has lived and painted in southern Utah for more than a decade. Her work is acrylic. She received her formal education in Art at Waldorf College, The University of Iowa and Coe College. She also served as Art Gallery Curator and Director at Coe College.

"For me being an artist is exciting, fun and challenging. My paintings are about distortion, shape and color. Slightly distorting objects and using unexpected or peculiar color combinations is a curiously satisfying habit of mine.  While I paint I try to remain spontaneous and layer new colors all the time, I like the under paintings to show through because it results in edges and textures that were completely unplanned. There is a feeling of balance and harmony that occurs when I know I have finished a painting".   Ginny